Incyt Accounting was founded out of a belief that small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) should be able to avail of the same value added and commercially focused services as large organisations. Technological advancements reducing costs to entry have made it and Incyt a reality.
Incyt fills the gap for SME’s to benefit from tailored business intelligence reports, business process efficiencies, commercial and financial advice and support at a cost effective price. Yes a cost effective price!
At Incyt Accounting we believe that value is critical. We manage all or part of your finance function without the annual salary and employer costs. The benefits from cost and process efficiencies mean more money and time to invest in growing your business.


Tara O’Leary BSc FCCA

Tara O’Leary is a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Tara has over 20 years’ experience in practice and industry working with SME’s across numerous market sectors. As Group CFO for an indigenous multinational technology Group for five years Tara gained senior level experience of globalisation and managing different stages of growth. Tara also held the position of General Manager for the EMEA region for a
period. This combination of Financial and Operational knowledge and experience allows Tara to provide services to clients that can add value to their bottom line.

“The biggest lesson I have learnt over my career is the importance of providing good business intelligence to owners and managers to help them make informed business decisions. I believe this value added commercial service is the key to an SME’s ability to seize opportunities and experience growth from a strong foundation”.